• Quality Products at Low Prices

    Shopper Mandi:
    It’s been around 7 months that we are associated with BOOKER Wholesale. Over few months Booker has now become are preferred supplier and this is because we get all the necessary articles under one roof and at excellent margins. With the support we get by Booker monthly offers we in turn started giving offers to our customers. This gave an immediate boost in our business. 
    With the growing competition everywhere “Giving offers has become need of an hour”. Looking at this we were soon introduced to Booker’s concept of becoming a Happy Shopper Store. This sounded great as the concept is very simple, transparent and comes with no restrictions. The whole concept revolves around the support which Happy Shopper Store gets to market their store better in their neighborhood.
    As a part of this concept we receive monthly Happy Shopper offers which adds to the offers we run in ourselves at our store. The best part of these offers is that it would have offers from all categories and for all kinds of customers. The products are selected wisely.     
    With the increase in competition from fast coming E-commerce industries and there huge marketing campaigns we don’t feel left behind. We just make sure that the Happy Shopper mailers which we receive every month reaches our customers. We do this by giving mailers to all the walk-in customers and in all home delivery packets. These mailers also act as a recall and our customers are always retained.
    We now strongly believe and see benefits of becoming Happy Shopper and would like to recommend to all the retailers who would want to grow their business.

    Store Name: Shopper Mandi – The Super Market
    Owner: Surya Dev Tripathi
    Location: Andheri East
  • Great Margins

    Daily Super Market:
    It’s been more than a year that we are associated with “Happy Shopper” which is owned by our supplier Booker India. Being associated with Happy Shopper has helped us in lot of ways. First and most important, every month we get new promotions/ discount offers which we can pass it on to consumers. The best part of these promotion/discount offers is we don’t have to forgo our earning margin. Everything is very transparent.
    We also get mailers every month for our distribution in our neighborhood which has helped us to market our store. Our store is famous now in our neighborhood, shoppers look up for the Happy Shopper monthly promotions. We have started receiving orders from the areas where we never delivered earlier.  
    Happy Shopper management team has also helped us to merchandise our store better. After the merchandise change was implemented our customers complemented us as they could easily find what they were looking for. Our store looks cleaner and professional now. 
    It’s almost four months since we have made a dedicated shelf for Happy Shopper promotions/discount offers as suggested by Happy Shopper team and our sale has gone up by three times for promotion articles. 
    We are very much thankful to Happy Shopper team for their dedication and the service provided. I would surely want to recommend this to the retailers who would want to grow their business and bring professionalism in the look of their store.
    Store Name: Daily Super Market
    Owner: Naveen Agrawal
    Location: Thane